Robyn Falck

About me

A design service where natural design flair, technical expertise and more than 10 years experience come together in one place to create a haven of tranquillity for clients’ in the DIY market and the corporate sector alike.

We take pride in delivering projects on time and in budget, whilst exploring and realising the design potential of each piece of commissioned work in full.

At Robyn Falck Interiors we are totally focused on making your life easier. We aim to provide you with a fresh breath of air – gone are the days of wrangling and hassling to co-ordinate the onsite activities of outfitters, decorators, carpenters, electricians and plumbers. If need be, we will act as the lynchpin that schedules the labour and will make sure that all the disciplines come together in harmony to achieve the agreed design solution.

We can produce a bespoke package depending on budget, however big or small. You may wish to avail of design consultancy and get on with the project handling yourself. Or, we can offer a tiered approach and manage each stage of the project for you. As with all things in life, your budget will be the all important factor which determines the route you take.

'Design is important. But the fluid integration of design concepts with function - maybe even more so…'