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A year ago that we needed a bit of help with the interior design, colours and soft furnishings of our house, which we were remodelling within the considerable restrictions imposed on us due to it being a grade II listed building, upon the suggestion of my niece I contacted Robyn, who told me she was on maternity leave. I did not really notice that you were taking much leave!!

Admittedly it was a blank canvas which gave you girls a lot of scope but then on the other hand you had to work with unseen furniture which was due to come out of storage as well as incorporating new furniture and balancing all this with the period of the house.

Robyn as draftswoman and designer of the built in furniture, bathrooms etc was excellent. Maximum use of space and giving us exactly what we needed. Jasmine’s mood boards were fully comprehensive, enabling us to envisage just how each room would look on completion. Bearing in mind you did not know what our taste was, I think we struck lucky - we were delighted with all your choices from the start.

I am not sure what my expectations were but I am sure you exceeded them. It has been a pleasure working with you both and you have given us a beautiful home, which has been much admired by friends and family.

Every step of the way you have been extremely professional, willing to accept when things went wrong that you would put them right without any debate. Thank you for your valuable input. I must admit that it was money well spent. You deserve the credit.


Last Year we underwent a project to extend our house downstairs to provide more living accommodation and to move our Dining room as well. Now although we had plenty of ideas as to what we wanted, putting the whole thing together was something my wife and I felt we needed help on. With this in mind we contacted Robyn Falck Interiors to discuss our plans and to seek help and advice. Robyn asked us many questions about our ideas likes and dislikes. We very much welcomed her open approach to just listen at all we had to say. We employed Robyn Falck to come up with a plan based on a budget we gave her.

What we wanted Robyn to achieve for us was how to put all our ideas together along with new ones which she brought to us. From the flow of the space we created two living areas one for TV and another for entertaining or just relaxing in. We called it the Gin and Tonic area. Our house is very much open plan and we never thought of incorporating our Kitchen as well but Robyn showed us how important the flow of colour was in open plan something we could not see for our self.

I have to say the colours and designs on furniture and especially co coordinating stripes with patterns, plus carpets and all of different materials was very impressive for us. We had spent a lot of money creating a space and now we were going to fill it in splendour yet create a homely feel. Many of our friends say we have created the “Wow Factor” to our home and although some of the ideas we wanted were ours we both agree that Robyn created the Wow. Robyn Falck is a very impressive designer who listens to your ideas and then puts them into practice. She is easy to work with reasonable cost wise and her attention to detail and enthusiasm is infectious. So if you are wanting a professional approach as to how your home could look then I would have no hesitation in recommending Robyn Falck Interiors in fact I have used her for other areas in my house with the same great results.

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Robyn is able to quickly conceptualize what the job at hand is and what are the different mini steps that are required to complete them. She is mindful of costs and has a gentle persuasive style about her. She takes away a lot of the hassle in making choices and running around for suitable alternatives and is truly a one stop shop. She has excellent project management skills.

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Thanks for your help to make our dream home come true and bringing hundreds of ideas to life!

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I have confidence that she will be an attribute to any company which she joins or on any project in which she is involved.

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Robyn was able to take our vision and turn it into a reality. Our dream house is now even better then we could have hoped for. Thanks Robyn for your empathetic and professional approach.

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We highly recommend Project Management Services offered by Robyn Falck Interiors which saved us time and money in getting the job done professionally on time and within our modest budget. Having a mediator between two parties and someone who could give good advice and cost effective solutions to our problems was hugely helpful.

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Robyn Falck Interiors consults to Sobey Properties on an ongoing basis and is responsible for producing all the technical drawings such as floor plan layouts, electrical and lighting layouts, detailed kitchen and bathroom designs as well as colour concepts. We have been most impressed with their service and can highly recommend them.

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I found Robyn to be very professional in her approach. This whole process after chatting to her for just 30 minutes was resolved so quickly and so efficiently and she knew exactly what I needed and met with my tastes and requirements. It really seemed so simple after giving her the job at hand. She understood what the company stands for and what would really suit the image to compliment the brand and make a good first impression on clients walking in.